Government transparency

As an elected official serving as a treasurer for six years, I have witnessed first hand the corruption in government. I will continue to expose those bad actors and do right by Colorado taxpayers by making sure that we can find better ways for government to do more with less, and to increase transparency so that we the people can be sure that our dollars are going to be safe.

public safety

With seventeen years, and counting, of serving the community on emergency calls under my belt, I understand the demands of serving others. The success of public safety is both a commitment and collaboration between the responders and the community. I will continue to serve and continue to bring the two groups together for Colorado. 

safe schools

We need to protect our most precious lives; our children. The underlying issue is in the schools - kids shooting their peers and teachers. Lets examine the top life-saving plans and get to work. To make all of our Colorado schools safe, we must reallocate funding and collaborate with the subject experts immediately, as time is of the essence.