Government Waste

It’s time to roll up our sleeves at the State Treasurer’s Office and do right by Colorado taxpayers by making sure that we can find better ways in government to do more with less, and making sure that your dollars are going where you voted for them to go. As Routt County Treasurer, I created a Standard Operating Manual to solve these issues for my community, and I’m uniquely qualified to do the same for our state.


Our state Public Employee Retirement Association is making promises to retirees and members that Colorado might not be able to keep. We are at risk with the cost for our communities. 

We have to make PERA sustainable for Colorado. Stopping short of that goal would be a great disservice to future generations in our great state. No problem is too big, and my history of relentless pursuit of sound, principled approaches to solve complex issues is just the kind of commitment that we need in the State Treasurer’s Office.

Education Funding

As a mother of two daughters educated in our public schools, and as a substitute teacher in the South Routt School District, I understand the challenges that often face public schools. I also understand the incredible positive impact they can have in our communities. As State Treasurer, I will do whatever it takes to prioritize funding for our schools without breaking our state finances.