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Never Give Up

Thank you to my family, friends and supporters in my quest to be the next Colorado State Treasurer. I truly appreciate the funding, volunteering, endorsing, and well wishes. I am blessed.

Thank you for listening and engaging in the process. For your willingness to be a part of the process.

Would I do it again? In a HEARTBEAT! I loved traveling over 41K miles since June to meet other like-minded conservatives, campaigning based on my firm belief in the proper role of our state treasurer. Endlessly a #FighterForTheTaxpayers.  Every Day.

Where do we go from here? Well, I can tell you one thing. I will NEVER GIVE UP. 

To remain working towards my quest to serve Colorado, I will continue to expose:

  • Corruption
  • Misuse of Tax Dollars 
  • The Wrong Doings of government (our government)

I will continue to support those who ensure our public safety:

  • Firefighters
  • Emergency Medical Personnel
  • Law Enforcement Officers

And I will work toward finding solutions to make sure our schools are safe:

  • Protecting Students
  • Supporting and Empowering Teachers and Administration
  • Finding Funding Sources

Whether it is at the city, county or state level. Coloradans deserve to know which of our elected officials are not following rule of law, who is not telling taxpayers the truth, and who in government is hiding something from you. Politicians need to be held accountable for our tax dollars. They seem to forget that when they are elected, and believe they know better than us. Incredible!  #PoliticiansAreNotKingsOrQueens

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I’m not a career politician. First and foremost, I’m a ranchwife and mother. My husband, Gary, operates a family cattle ranch with his twin brother outside of McCoy in southern Routt County where we raised our two daughters Abbey and Izabel. The Raymond Horn Ranch has been in the family since 1964, running close to 500 cow/calf pairs in the high country. Our daughters grew up on the ranch raising 4-H sheep and steers and running their successful soap business, Bubble Creek Soap. I’m a first responder and the fire chief for the Rock Creek Volunteer Fire Department. And, I’m proud to serve as the Treasurer of Routt County. 

Standing Up for Taxpayers

In 2016, I faced a difficult decision as Treasurer of Routt County. The largest employer and largest property taxpayer in the county filed for bankruptcy in April. With any bankrupt company, there is always a question of whether creditors like Routt County would receive the property tax payment. I was not surprised when the company was late on its tax payment, but I was disappointed to see that the check was light – this company chose not to pay more than $91,000 in penalties and interest, but wanted me to accept the check as payment in full. To be clear, Colorado law does not allow County Treasurers to waive penalty and interest. Some in my community suggested that I just look the other way, accept the smaller check, and move forward. I could not in good conscience cut a break to a multi-national company when I could not do that for a single mother struggling to get current on her taxes. I sent the check back, and we proceeded to reach an agreement. Real leadership means that we have to take heat for our decisions sometimes. Personally, I didn't enter politics to make friends - I did it to make a difference.

Real Experience That Matters

Serving as Treasurer, I know firsthand the importance of protecting the hard earned dollars of taxpayers. One of my first projects as Treasurer was to establish a brand new Standard Operating Manual for the Treasurer’s Office. I have added many new checks and balances, and provided cross training for all duties and responsibilities in the office. Once those procedures were in place, I used my experience as a cost controller and cost analyst to increase efficiencies swiftly so we could get the Treasurer’s Office back on track. Now, we work daily with other county departments to ensure that they are following the checks and balance we’ve put in place.

My Values

I am committed to serving our state, our communities, and most importantly you the taxpayer. My determination to serve others runs deep in my soul. It's how I was raised. Be grateful for what you have and give back more. While living in Washington D.C., I served those less fortunate at soup kitchens each night after work. It was there that my passion to serve others was ignited. I am energized by serving others, and I will continue to work hard and fight for our state and our communities.

My Leadership Experience

My passion for service has propelled me to several positions of service and leadership in my community:

image1 (4).jpeg
  • Volunteer Fire Chief, Rock Creek Volunteer Fire Department McCoy Colorado 2008–Current
  • Emergency Medical Technician, Eagle County Paramedics Vail Colorado 2002- 2014
  • Firefighter/Engineer/Emergency Medical Technician, Gypsum Fire Protection District Colorado 2007-2011
  • Substitute Teacher, SOROCO School District, Oak Creek, Colorado 2006-2014
  • Adjunct Instructor, Colorado Mountain College & ASHI Colorado 2003-Current
  • Delegate, Republican National Convention 2016
  • President, Routt County Republican Women 2012
  • Vice Chair and Precinct Chair, Routt County Republicans 2010-Current
  • Commissioner, South Routt Planning Commission 2010-2012
  • Chair Volunteer Section, Colorado Fire Chiefs Association 2011-Current
  • Member & Past President, Routt County Cattle Women 1999-Current
  • Volunteer Grant Writer, SOROCO Booster Club 2009-2015
  • Volunteer Leader, High Valley 4-H 1999-2015

My Education and Management Experience

I have worked in the finance world since the 1980s. After graduating from St. John Fisher College in Rochester, NY, I served in both finance management and accounting, working for Westin hotels in Washington D.C. and Vail, Hyatt Beaver Creek, and Pepi's Hotel Gasthof Gramshammer & Restaurant in Vail Village. Additionally, I have also served as treasurer for the Routt County Fair Board and treasurer of the Yampa Valley Heritage Foundation. Since 2014, I have proudly served as the elected Treasurer of Routt County.

q & A


What factors in your life helped you to consider the conservative political viewpoint?

As it is for most women, the desire and fulfillment of motherhood is one of the key drivers for a Conservative Pro Life, Pro Gun, Fiscal Conservative carrying our US Constitution in our purse kind of outlook on life.  Conservative framework and values clearly results in the most excellent child rearing experience for both the parents and their children.  You are either filled with the goodness and virtue a freedom loving conservative life choice brings, or you spend your life awash in a search for the enrichments of conservatism while you seek it in all the wrong places.

Why are you a Republican?

Clearly the best path to sustained freedom and liberty!  Republicans focus on less government, fewer taxes and greater personal choice! Republicans by and large believe that the goodness in life comes not from government disbursement, but from the effort and opportunities of one’s own making.  The Republican viewpoint on governance is well known as the secret to a long and gratifying life. 

What do like best about serving as Routt County Treasurer?

Knowing that the taxpayers are the people I work for and whom I am directly accountable to. I take great pride in the fact that I strictly follow rule of law and treat everyone fair and equitable. In my office, no taxpayer receives special favors or special treatment over another. 

What is your Mission Statement as a public servant?

“Taking good care of Mrs Smith!"

Whenever a taxpayer comes in with a concern, that we treat them with the utmost integrity and respect. Customer service and treating people well is a learned art, and not some set of instructions you read in a book! My staff and myself hold ourselves to a very high standard and the direct feedback from our taxpayer clients reflects this.

What would you tell new voters regarding government and politics?

There are a great number of elected officials who believe they were “chosen to be rulers” and suddenly they know what's best for you.  They will persist in this behavior of “ruling over you” as long as it fits their narrative and fulfills their personal need for power. 

True public servants like myself are focused on faithfully providing their best to the people who elected them.  New voters should take the time to learn the difference between these two types and make their choices for whom they vote for accordingly.

What do you do in your spare time?

I have served my community as a Fire Chief and First Responder for 17 years now. I am honored to care for my neighbors and community in their darkest hours with the expert skills and the compassion they need to truly help them through the toughest of circumstances.



Government transparency

As an elected official serving as a treasurer for six years, I have witnessed first hand the corruption in government. I will continue to expose those bad actors and do right by Colorado taxpayers by making sure that we can find better ways for government to do more with less, and to increase transparency so that we the people can be sure that our dollars are going to be safe.

public safety

With seventeen years, and counting, of serving the community on emergency calls under my belt, I understand the demands of serving others. The success of public safety is both a commitment and collaboration between the responders and the community. I will continue to serve and continue to bring the two groups together for Colorado. 

safe schools

We need to protect our most precious lives; our children. The underlying issue is in the schools - kids shooting their peers and teachers. Lets examine the top life-saving plans and get to work. To make all of our Colorado schools safe, we must reallocate funding and collaborate with the subject experts immediately, as time is of the essence.